Note: Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

Integrate Freshteam with Google Calendar to view interviewers' calendars right inside Freshteam, even when you're scheduling an interview.

Here are a few things to keep in mind even as you do so:

1) Use your jobs email address to connect your Calendar with Freshteam. Don't use your personal email address like; instead use

2) The integration uses the domain to display everyone's calendars to everyone using the Freshteam account. This means that if Jane set up the integration using, you don't have to do it again for your Calendar to be visible to everyone.

Integrating Google Calendar with Freshteam

1. Go to Settings > Productivity > Integrations

2. Click on the 'Enable' button next to the Google Calendar integration description

3. Choose the email account you'd like to associate with Freshteam. Please make sure to use a email address like and not a personal email address like,

4. Click on 'Allow' to allow Freshteam to manage your Calendar.

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