Jobma is an intuitive video interview platform that helps global HR teams to accelerate their hiring process. With Freshteam and Jobma integration, HR professionals can set up one-way video interviews, invite candidates to those interviews and evaluate their responses from you - all from your Freshteam dashboard. This integration also helps you to share completed interviews with other stakeholders or hiring panel members. 



Watch this video to get a glimpse of how to integrate with Jobma

Benefits of Jobma Integration

With Jobma integration, recruiters can cut down on source-to-hire timelines. Let us explore the significant benefits of Jobma integration:

  • Easier creation of one-way & live interviews: You can create a one-way video interview that contains a series of audio, video, written, and multiple choice questions that will help you evaluate your applicants.
  • Improved collaboration among stakeholders: You can share pre-recorded video interviews with the key stakeholders in the hiring panel along with your comments, tags, and ratings to help them make an informed decision.

How to Setup the Integration

1. To set up the integration with Jobma, please log into your Freshteam account

2. Navigate to Settings – Integrations – Apps and click on the Jobma App link

3. Here, you will need to input your API key. This API key can be found in your Jobma account under Integration – Freshteam

4. Paste the API key and click on Install to set up the Integration

How to Send Jobma Assessments From Freshteam

1. Now we need to create an interview kit. An Interview kit is the set of questions against which the candidate will record their response

2. To create an interview kit, log in to your Jobma account and click on Setup an interview and Create Interview kit

3. Next, it’s time to invite a candidate to do an interview for us

4. Find the candidate on your Freshteam dashboard

5. Click the Send Test Button to send out an interview invite

6. Once the candidate has finished the interview, the results of the interview are available in your Freshteam account on the candidate profile. Feel free to rate, leave comments and share the candidate interview with your recruitment team.

For any queries, please feel free to write to us