Note: Rectxt only services recruiters in the US and Canada, therefore this integration is only applicable to you if you are in those regions.

The Freshteam - Rectxt candidate texting integration allows you to : 

  • Send 1:1 and 1:many bulk text messages instantly from Freshteam
  • View all sent & received text messages in the Comments section of each candidate



                                                 Watch this short video to get an overview of this integration

Benefits of Using the Freshteam - Rectxt Integration

  • Fill more jobs by communicating better & faster (incredible ROI)
  • Retain valuable conversational data in Freshteam (not stored in a recruiter’s pocket)
  • Improved recruiter productivity
  • Improved recruiter safety (personal phone number stays private)
  • Improved candidate experience
  • TCPA & CAN-SPAM compliance

How to Get Started with Your Rectxt Integration

Note: Freshteam customers get an exclusive discount for Rectxt's Personal and Team plans. Details in the sign up help articles linked below.

1. Signing Up for Rectxt - If you are not a Rectxt customer, you can either sign up for a paid Personal plan, or a paid Team plan. Click here if you want to sign up for a Personal plan, and click here if you want to sign up for a Team plan.

2. Connecting your Rectxt and Freshteam account - If you already have a Rectxt Personal or Team plan, click here to know how to connect your Rectxt and Freshteam account.

3. Texting candidates within Freshteam - Once you and / or your team have your Rectxt account integrated with your Freshteam account, click here to know how to start texting your candidates.

If you have queries about the integration, please visit or reach out to


  • Can I use this integration on the free Freshteam plan?
    You can still sign up for Rectxt and use it as a standalone Chrome extension, but you will not be able to integrate your Rectxt account with your Freshteam account.  This means that you will not be able to send mass texts to candidates, and your conversations with candidates will not be recorded in the Comments section. However, you still will be able to select phone numbers and text them using the Rectxt chrome extension.

  • Can I make calls using Rectxt? 
    You can't make calls, but you can set up call forwarding so that when a candidate calls your Rectxt number, the call is forwarded to your personal / work number.