SurveyMonkey is a solution that helps HR leaders with candidate feedback surveys. With constant, transparent candidate feedback, it becomes easier for you to streamline and improve your recruitment process.  


Current Scope

  • Send Candidate Feedback Surveys from within Freshteam - You can pick from a drop-down of your pre-existing SurveyMonkey surveys and send it to individual candidates from their Candidate 360 profiles.
  • View Sent Status on Comments & Tags - Whenever a survey is successfully sent to a candidate, you can view the status in the SurveyMonkey Sidebar, comments section, and tags section.  

Info: The current scope of the integration works with free SurveyMonkey accounts!

Pre-Installation Read Me

Before you set up the integration, please note the following - 

  1. Survey Creation Condition - The integration pulls your existing surveys from your SurveyMonkey account, so survey creation must be done on SurveyMonkey for it to appear within Freshteam
  2. Feature not available with this version - 

a. Completion Status & Survey Results - You cannot view the completion status and survey results in this version of the integration

b. Employee Feedback Survey - You cannot send surveys to employees in this version of the integration

c. Configuring Surveys into Hiring Stages - You cannot configure surveys into specific stages of the hiring workflow in this version of the integration 

Installation Guidelines 

1. On Freshteam, go to Settings > General Settings > Integrate with other Apps > Apps  > Custom Apps > SurveyMonkey Candidate Feedback.

2. Connect SurveyMonkey - Click on "Install". Once you do this, a SurveyMonkey login window will pop up. Enter your SurveyMonkey credentials. If the installation is successful, you will automatically be taken to the next section (Connect Freshteam).  

3. Connect Freshteam - Once your SurveyMonkey account is successfully authorized, you will be redirected to the Connect Freshteam section. This is where you authorize your Freshteam connect. Follow these steps here - 

  • Enter your Freshteam domain URL in the Freshteam Domain field 
  • Copy and paste your Freshteam API Key, which you can find by clicking on your profile icon at the top-right corner of the screen. 
  • Click on Verify 


4. Configure the Integration - Once you have successfully connected your Freshteam account, you will be able to configure the integration. The integration configuration involves two key elements - 

  • Role-Based Access Provision - Choose which roles in your organisation will have access to the integration (the 4 roles in the screenshot below are mandatory, so you can add more but not reduce the roles)


  • Survey Email ConfigurationYou can configure the content of the email that goes out to the candidate from your Freshteam account. 
    • Click on Click Here To Edit. The editing window displayed below will open up. You can edit the email subject and the body (except the Take the survey now sentence since that is mandatory). 
    • Once you are done editing your email, please make sure you click on Update

    • Once the email is successfully updated, you will see the screen displayed below

5. Complete the Integration Installation - Click on Install / Save (Install only appears the first time you set up the integration) to successfully finish the installation. 

Usage Guidelines

Sending a Survey

Once you have installed your integration successfully, here is how you can send a survey to a candidate. 

  • Click on Recruit in the left side global navigation pane, click on any job, and then click on the name of the candidate you want to send the feedback to. To know how to add candidates manually, refer to this help article. 
  • Once the candidate profile opens up, you should see the SurveyMonkey icon on the right side pane of the Candidate Profile. Click on it for the SurveyMonkey feature to open up. It will look like this -

  • Pick a survey from the drop-down, and click on Send Survey

Once a survey is successfully sent

  • Send another SurveyYou can see the list of surveys that have been sent to the candidate in the right side pane and send another survey. 
  • Filter Candidates by Sent StatusThe name of the survey followed by the sent status will automatically be added as a tag to the candidate, which can be used to filter candidates. 

  • View Sent Status as a CommentThe details of the survey sent will be posted as a comment in the Comments section of the candidate profile.

Please reach out to for any issues with your SurveyMonkey integration


  • Where can I see the features of the SurveyMonkey Free plan? 

The free plan is also called the Basic Individual Plan. Here are the details -                  

  • What if I already have a paid SurveyMonkey plan? 

You can still use the integration. The good news is that some of our future features like Survey Completion Status and Survey Reporting will only work for paid SurveyMonkey plan holders.