What is JobTarget?


To scale up candidate sourcing, recruiters have to advertise their jobs on multiple job boards. However, manual job posting becomes a labor-intensive, time-consuming activity. 

To solve this challenge, Freshteam has integrated with JobTarget, the world’s largest job advertising platform that lets recruiters and HR leaders post jobs on 25000+ global job boards with just a few clicks. JobTarget not only helps you post jobs but also monitors status updates and the number of applicants for these postings. 


Benefits of Posting Jobs with JobTarget

  • Faster job posting: with a few clicks, you can advertise your jobs to multiple job sites instead of accessing various job boards.  
  • Lower hiring expenses: JobTarget often negotiates with various job boards to get you subsidized delivery fees. 
  • Amplified candidate sourcing: With JobTarget, you can post your jobs to more than 25000 job boards and scale up your candidate sourcing. 
  • Programmatic posting: JobTarget algorithms auto-optimize your job posting strategy to determine the best and most relevant job boards that are more likely to deliver quality applicants.

Detailed Guidelines for Using JobTarget

All Freshteam customers can access JobTarget within Freshteam’s Talent Center

  1. Select the job board(s) to send your job and add them to the cart
  2. Enter the posting information required by the job boards
  3. Review your order and process your payment

How to Create a Job

1. Log into Freshteam Talent Center

2. Navigate to the “+Add New” button within the Talent Center and select “Job Posting”

3. Enter the new job title you are looking to recruit for, and then click the gray arrow. The gray arrow will not appear until a title is clicked.

4. Now you will see the template that needs to be completed for the job being created. Then click the blue “Publish” button. To post through JobTarget you have to select the “Visible on your career and employee portal” option.

5. Once you hit Publish you will see a screen that looks like the one below. Then you will click “Post to Job Sites.”

How to Post a Job with JobTarget

1. Once the “Post to Job Sites” button is clicked you will navigate to the “Open Job Site Marketplace” button within the JobTarget section.

2. After you click the “Post to Job Sites” button the JobTarget experience will begin to load.

3. Within JobTarget, you can search for a variety of job boards and add your preferred job boards to the cart.

4. After you select the sites you want to post on, click the “View Cart” button. That will now take you to the “Additional Information” section. Additional Information: Sites require certain information to post jobs, this is where you will be asked those questions. The information is required.

5. Click “Next Step – Review Order”

6. Put in your company credit card to process and click “Submit Order” to begin the job posting process.

How to Create a Company Card

1. To create a “Company Card,” a user must be an admin on JobTarget. Users can start by going to the “Billing” tab of the “Settings” app.

2. Users can add cards as normal. To make a card a “Company Card,” select “Company Card” when saving the newly entered card’s details. You can specify that this card is available to either the entire company or only a specific division

3. Cards saved in this way will appear on the checkout path to: 

  • All users in a company if a card is saved as a “Company Card”
  • Users in the specified division

4. Click “Back to Marketplace”to review further or the X in the top left corner to bring you back to your Freshteam Talent portal.

5. It is recommended that any existing “free” or pay-to-post arrangements posting with Freshteam for certain job boards be posted via Freshteam and NOT selected within JobTarget.

6. The pricing and other agreements with a client and Freshteam are not honored in JobTarget. JobTarget also offers a Programmatic option. JobTarget Programmatic is an automated solution that reads the job description and uses 15+ years of data to efficiently post the jobs to the most relevant top-performing job sites. The client would work with JobTarget to establish the Programmatic posting option.

How to track job posting status

Once a job is posted with JobTarget, you will be able to view the job and other details:

  • Within the JobTarget app

  • Within Freshteam Talent Center

How to edit a job posting on JobTarget

The edits that are made in the career portal will stream over to JobTarget. The updates will take approximately 24 hours to be sent out to their intended job board(s).

How to remove job postings from JobTarget

If a job is removed or closed within the Freshteam Talent Center, a stop job request will be initiated and the postings will be removed. If the job is reopened after removing or closing the job, a new posting will need to be ordered.


  • Does JobTarget support 'Easy Apply' job postings?

    Yes, JobTarget Easy Apply is available on all jobs posted through JobTarget, no matter what job site the user wants to post to.

  • What are the benefits of using Easy Apply to process job applications?
    Job Target Easy Apply applications are fully optimized, end-to-end so that the user won’t lose candidates due to an outdated experience. Easy apply can increase conversion rate by up to 4X. Customizable features like mobile-only applications and the ability to serve additional questions, even if the job doesn’t allow them. The candidate experience starts with the application process and JobTarget Easy Apply helps the user make that experience a good one!

  • Is there a fee to use JobTarget?
    No. There are no account fees to utilize the JobTarget Marketplace, but there is a $5 delivery fee on each board selected for posting.

  • What if I can’t find the job site I want to post to?
    If you can’t find a specific site that you want to post to, get in touch with us at support@freshteam.com.

  • If I use JobTarget, will I still be able to access LinkedIn or Indeed separately?
    Yes, you will be able to access and post jobs through LinkedIn or Indeed.

  • Does JobTarget integrate with any job site in the APAC region?
    JobTarget integrates with 25000+ job boards across the globe. For the APAC region, some of the popular job sites that are present in JobTarget are:
    - Monster
    - Jobstreet
    - JobDB
    - Seek
    - TradeMe
    - Glints

  • Does JobTarget integrate with any job site in Europe?
    Yes, JobTarget integrates with all major global job boards. Reed and Arbeitnow are some of the Europe-specific job boards that JobTarget integrates with.

  • Is a client account/user id required before posting jobs via JobTarget?
    No, the account and user ID are set up during the initial launch of JobTarget if one does not already exist. This is transparent to the user and requires no intervention.

  • Can images or URLs be included in the job description for the posting?
    Yes, images or URLs can be included in the job description, but they might not show on all selected job sites. Some sites allow them, some do not.

  • If I complete the checkout process and then delete my posting before the noted expiration date, would I receive a credit from JobTarget?
    No, JobTarget does not provide a refund for any job postings that are removed.

  • If I remove a job from JobTarget, do I need to pay again to post it?
    Yes, if you remove a job from JobTarget, you must pay again to post the job.

  • Can I repost my job that has expired?
    Repost is available within the JobTarget App. The user will go to the job they are looking to repost and get back into the JobTarget App. From here, there will be a drop-down where you can show the “Already Advertised On....” section. There you will see an option to repost.

  • When I am editing a job, do I need to add the job boards to the cart and go through the checkout process again?
    No, the edit of the job board is updated and does not require checkout. But you can add additional boards during the editing process. The original job boards are disabled so they cannot be added to the cart.

  • How can I use my inventory from other job boards?
    You must enter information about your job site login/inventory in the add/replenish site inventory. Once submitted, JobTarget will contact you within 48 hours to activate the site inventory. To activate go to Menu Icon> Select Add Site Inventory>Select your option based on the image below>Fill in information requested.

  • Can I post a job using JobTarget in multiple Languages?
    Yes, if a job is published in multiple languages, it will get posted as a single job post. Job Titles and Job Descriptions in all the available languages will be published together in the same job post. JobTarget acts as a passthrough regarding the language a job is in: if a title or description is written in another language, JobTarget will post the job as supplied.

  • If a job is auto-closed and manually closed, will it be removed from all job boards?
    Yes, if a job is either automatically or manually closed, it will be removed from all the job boards.

  • Will Freshteam bill my organization for purchases on JobTarget?
    No, Freshteam does not bill your organization for purchases on JobTarget. JobTarget charges a small $5 posting fee. It provides all the above-listed benefits including delivery of your job postings and customer support for your posting. Payments are made per transaction by credit card. If you post to multiple job boards in one transaction, an amount can be paid in one payment. For more information about billing or pricing, contact support@freshteam.com.