1. How to receive candidates from Naukri directly into Freshteam?

Ans: Currently, Naukri doesn't allow candidates to be redirected into Freshteam's career portal for application. You can either receive the applications via your email which can be synced with Freshteam email (Know more on how to sync your email with Freshteam) or bulk export candidates from Naukri and then import into Freshteam under respective jobs (Know More - How to bulk import candidates).

2. What are the pre-requisite for using this Naukri integration?

Ans: On Freshteam: Should be on any of the paid plans ( Growth/ Pro/ Enterprise)

         On Naukri: Should have Naukri paid subscription to post a hot listing job or classified job

3. While posting a job to Naukri, it shows this error - "Please update your company name/profile/address at Naukri settings and try publishing again"

Ans: To solve this issue, navigate to Company Profile under the Administration tab on the Naukri Recruiter home page. Please check if you have entered details in the "Profile for Hot Vacancies" & "Profile for Classifieds" fields in your Naukri account. Please note that the integration will not work if the profile field is empty. Please check the screenshot for reference.

4. My job is published from Freshteam but not visible on Naukri.

Ans: This is happening because you don't have super admin access. Only a super admin will be able to see all the jobs posted on Naukri. Ask with your manager for super admin access.

5. How to check whether whether the job posting inventory is available or not?

Ans: You can check the same from the Recruiter home page.(To check the number of job postings available in their account). If a company's Naukri inventory is finished, the integration will not work. 

6. I have enabled the Naukri integration but the page keeps loading.

Ans: You might have the wrong URL integrated into the Freshteam setting. To check this navigate to settings > Integration > apps > check the domain URL they have mapped. When the wrong URL has been mapped the pages keep loading. Remap the domain URL which would solve the issue. 

7. How to check if a candidate has applied on my Naukri job post?

Ans: Once the candidate applies, you will receive an email on Freshteam as shown below:

You can see the resume with naukri as shown in the screenshot 

In the email tab, you can see the proof of the candidate coming from Naukri 

Note: For now, you would see the source as 'Direct' and 'Email'. We currently parse the CV from email and the feature would be built in future. 

8. How to insert Job-specific email address in Naukri?

Ans: Go to the section of "Jobs & responses" and click on the option of "Manage jobs & responses".

You will be able to see all the jobs posted by you(or other users of their organization) 

When you edit the job and scroll down you will need to enter the Job specific email address generated from the job in the below section and enable the check box. 

9. What are the mandatory fields on Freshteam for publishing a job on Naukri?

Ans: These are fields that would need to be populated when you enable Naukri Integration. 

Please make sure that you have inventory for Hot Vacancies or Classified Vacancies available in your Naukri account.

If you don't, please purchase them before posting from Freshteam.

Naukri allows only certain fixed range values for Salary and Experience. Please check the allowed range values before publishing the job. The integration will not work if you exceed the range.

For further queries, please write to us at support@freshteam.com.