Note: Freshteam-Slack integration is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans. Upgrade your Freshteam plan today to experience this integration. 

Now you can experience the ease of using Slack even in your day-to-day HR tasks. Be it consistent notifications related to upcoming interviews or employee time off requests - you can track all within Slack. Freshteam and Slack will also help you complete your pending actions on time with proactive Slack prompts. Let us understand how to get started with Slack and Freshteam:


Steps to add Freshteam on Slack (For an Account Admin)

1. Log into your Freshteam account

2. Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Integrations’

3. Select ‘Slack’ from the existing list of integrations and enable it.

4. As a next step, you will need to grant permissions by clicking on ‘Allow’. Freshteam is now successfully enabled on Slack.  

Your employees can also experience the ease of using Freshteam within Slack - here's how:

How your employees can install Freshteam within Slack

What's Next?

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