Note: Freshteam-Slack integration is only available for Pro and Enterprise plans. Upgrade your Freshteam plan today to experience this integration. 

Managing employee time offs can be overwhelming! With a growing team size, handling their multiple time off requests can take up a lot of your schedule. Every time an employee requests for a time off, you might need to switch multiple tabs to review their time off request and accordingly make an approval decision. 

Freshteam’s latest integration with Slack will make your life easier as manager. You can now approve or reject your employee’s time off requests within Slack - your favorite app. Let us understand how this works.

Stepwise Guide on How to Approve or Reject Leaves

1. Open your Slack app and navigate to ‘Freshteam’ under Apps section

2. Within the ‘Freshteam’ channel, go to ‘Messages’ and you will be able to view your employee’s time off requests. The time off request will show necessary information such as duration of time off, time off type and any notes or attachments provided by the employee. 

3. Click on ‘Approve’ or ‘Decline

4. Once you have approved or declined a time off request, you will receive a notification of the same.

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