Freshteam is a cloud-based HR software that enables businesses to set up a branded HR portal that encompasses employee, recruitment, onboarding, time-off, off-boarding, and organization details management.

You can use the Freshteam APIs to synchronize the employee directory maintained in Freshteam with any HR tool. Through APIs, you can access employee and organization information and respond to changes in the information when new employees are hired, appraisals are performed, promotions are meted out, policies are changed, employees are off-boarded, and so on.

Sample API endpoints:

To know more about APIs in Freshteam, how to use them, and for sample codes, 
Go to:

Note: Freshteam API is in the beta stage, APIs are available for the Employee and Timeoff Modules of Freshteam, we will soon have it for the rest of the modules. 

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