Codu is an AI-based solution that evaluates codes written by software developer candidates and recommends the right candidate for your job requirement. Codu works for any coding challenge or hackathon, it considers the readability and accuracy of a code while evaluating a candidate. Codu supports a wide range of programming languages such as C#, Go, Java, NodeJS, Python, and Ruby. 


Benefits of Freshteam + Codu Integration

  • Freshteam customers can send coding tests/challenges to their candidates directly from Freshteam with Codu integration.

  • Codu checks the output for any coding test once they have a configuration file with expected input and output in the backend
  • Codu’s machine learning models predict the quality of code and provide suggestions to the recruiters if they should proceed with the candidate or not. 

Steps to integrate with Codu

  1. Visit Marketplace to install Codu
  2. Login to using your credentials
  3. Click the profile icon at top right
  4. Click settings and copy the Private API Key
  5. Paste the API key at the installation page
  6. Save and refresh the page
  7. You should be able to use the app now from the candidate sidebar.

For any queries, please feel free to write to us at