Applicable to an employee who is the "Reporting Manager" for a team or group of employees or an employee.

A Manager can approve the Resignation request of his/her employee in Freshteam if that's a workflow your company wants. To make the approval of the Reporting Manager mandatory, one should set it up in the settings. 

Here is how you go about it: 

1. Go to Settings > General/Employee Information System > Offboarding and select "Reporting Manager followed by HR Partner" under "Resignation Approval Sequence". 

2. Once an employee applies for Resignation, the manager will receive an email notifying the same. 

3. If he/she clicks View request, they will be taken to the employee's profile where they can view the resignation request which they can approve/ reject. 

4. If you reject the request, all the offboarding process started would be terminated. 

5. If you approve the request, you will be asked to re-assign the tasks associated with the leaving employee such as the jobs they are part of, the tasks or checklists assigned to them, etc., directly in one click. Once all dependencies are cleared, you can finish the process. Offboarding will continue and the employee will be terminated.