Applicable to employees who are "Reporting Managers" in Freshteam.

When you are the "Reporting Manager" to a certain number of employees in Freshteam you will have certain actions you can perform like "Approve or Decline" Timeoff request. You can see "Pending Requests" and the availability of your Team Members, you can also apply timeoff for a team member or direct reportee.  

1. View Pending Requests - Dashboard

- As a Manager, when you log in to your Freshteam Account, you will have a dashboard with 3 options - My Dashboard, Employees, and Time-off. 

- When you click on "Timeoff", you will get the Timeoff Dashboard with a snapshot of all information on your Team's timeoff. You can see "Pending Requests" that await your approval, you can see the Timeoff Trend of your Team, Monthly Statistics and Who is off for the upcoming week. 

2. Approve / Decline Timeoff Requests

- You can directly click on pending requests from the Dashboard and approve or decline requests. 

- You can also go to Timeoff > My Team > Pending Requests or Timeoff > My Company > Pending Requests. 

- You can add comments to inform your employee of anything related to the Timeoff. 

3. Apply for Team Member and view Team Availability 

Apply for a Team Member who reports to you. 

- You can also get a bird's eye view of your team's availability with the Team Calendar to manage work accordingly. 

- Find it all under Timeoff > My Team. 

So, that brings us to end of the Timeoff for Managers Edition, let us know if you have any questions.