Accessible to Account Admin

To rename your Career Site or your Employee Portal, you need an SSL certificate on Freshteam. If your site currently reads "", you can change it to "" with an SSL certificate. 

To make this change, you will have to be on the 'Enterprise' plan of Freshteam, and be the Account Admin of your Freshteam account. Also, this does not apply during the trial period. 

Sorted? Then let's take you right through how to get it done. 

1. First, go to Settings > General Settings > Account > Security 

2. You will see the below screen, enable the "Secure connection using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)" option. 

3. If you want to rename your Career Site URL, choose that from the top bar, if you want to change your Employee Portal, choose that option, or if both, do it one by one. 

4. Click on "Rename to New URL" and enter the new URL you want in the text box that shows up. 

5. Click on "Raise Request" after you have entered the name you desired. 

6. Once you have done this successfully, our support folks will reach you shortly with a set of instructions you have to perform from your end for us to successfully initiate the "Change URL" process.

7. Once you have done all that is required, be sure to get back to your friendly support folk and inform them the same. 

8. They will go to our magic genies aka our developers and bring back your "Unique Name" that you have to point to from your CNAME and Voila! You are done! 

If the above point sounded like Greek and Latin to you, we prefer you to bring along your friendly IT guy to the process to get things done smoothly, as they would be familiar with it. 

Write to us if you have any more queries, we are here to help :)