A job posting is a notice that you're looking to hire candidates for a particular position. A job posting typically describes the nature of the job, the kind of responsibilities the position entails and the typical skills the company expects from the person in that position. They can have specific statuses, to denote their visibility. For instance, a job posting that is published internally will not be visible on your career site but your employees will be able to view it on the employee portal and refer candidates to it.

Creating a job posting

Click on the "+ New" button in the top right corner of the screen and choose "Job Posting". Freshteam will open up a wizard to create a job posting. The wizard has two main steps: 

  • Step 1: Enter the title of the job you're hiring. You can choose from a list of sample job descriptions provided by Freshteam (we have close to 50 different JDs for now and we are working on growing the list) or write your own.

  • Step 2: Create an application form, hiring process, and interview scorecard for your job posting. You can also choose your hiring team, from this screen.

  • Application forms - Use the default questionnaire or build a custom one, specific to your job.
  • Hiring process - Choose the hiring stages that you would like the candidates to go through.
  • Interview scorecard - Add the scorecard that your interviewers will use to submit candidate feedback.
  • Hiring workflow - Add your hiring team to the job posting so they're kept in the loop. For every Job posting, you can have 1 recruiter, 1 hiring manager, and multiple panel members. If you create a job posting, you get added to it as a recruiter (this can be changed as well).
  • More job posting related details:

  • Requisition code - Used mainly for HRIS integration purposes.
  • Job role, experience, location - Self explanatory.
  • Turn around time - The expected job posting closure date agreed between the hiring manager and the recruiter.
  • No. of open positions - The number of people that need to be hired for this position. 
  • Salary details - This space is for currency and the big number.
  • Allow employees to apply - Enabling this option will allow employees to pursue the Job posting as a career.

Statuses of a job posting

A job posting can be published publicly or only to internal employees or restricted to just the hiring manager and hiring panel members, based on the status you choose.

  • Publish:
    • Publishes the "job posting" to the career site. Once published, this job posting will be visible in both employee portal and career site to collect applications from everyone.
  • Save and publish internally:
    • Shows the "job posting" only to internal employees. Industry best practice is to open the job posting internally first and then publish it to the world at large.
  • Save and make private:
    • Shows the "job posting" only to the hiring panel members i.e. hiring manager and the list of employees added to the hiring panel. Ideal if you're hiring for someone in the C-level suite and you'd like to keep the search private.
  • Save it as a draft - The perfect status if your job posting form needs some information that you're not familiar with or you need someone to approve the posting.