An application form can be used to collect all the information, and answers, you want from a candidate, while they're applying for an open job position. Want to find out if the applicant is willing to move locations for the job? Ask away in the application form!

Every time you create a new job posting, you can attach a unique application form to it. You can reuse and manage applications form within Freshteam. 

Add a custom application form

  • Application form is part of a job posting creation. You can slide open the application form while you are creating a job posting.

  • You will see an application form with a few default fields like first name and last name
  • You can add custom fields to your form using the simple drag and drop builder. The preview icon (eye icon) will show you a quick preview of the newly created application form. You can add the fields for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO or EOE)  to the application form, with a single click.
  • Make sure to give an easy-to-understand name and description for the application form, so that your team easily understands its purpose, before you save it.