Accessible to Account Admin, Admin, HR Partner, Limited HR Partner and Recruiter

You use an Application form to collect all the information, and answers, you want from a candidate, while they're applying for an open job position. Want to find out if the applicant will move locations for the job? Ask away in the application form!

Every time you create a new job posting, you can attach a unique application form to it. You can rephrase and manage the application forms within Freshteam. 

Add a custom application form

  1. To create and custom your own Application form for a particular job, go to the job from "Recruit" and choose the job of your choice. 
  2. Click "View Job Details" to go inside the job and find the "Application form".

  3. Click on it and you will get the following pop-up where you can find all the information you can edit, delete and add in your application form.
  4. The application is already filled with all necessary details of a basic application form like Name, Mobile No, and Email. 
  5. You can add any custom fields like Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO or EOE) you want by dragging and dropping from the Drag and Drop fields bar. 
  6. Use the Preview option to view the application form you created before saving it.
  7. Click Save to save the application form.