For every lucky candidate who gets hired, there are many who don't. They get archived to a cold storage, for "accounting purposes" where they never see the light of day. This shouldn't be a common scenario because as every TA knows, the candidate you rejected today might be just the right fit for a job posting tomorrow. With Freshteam, you can archive candidates to the talent pool by associating them with a particular job role. This way, when you create a new job posting for a particular role, Freshteam will remember and recommend these candidates. 


Adding Candidates to the Talent Pool

  1. When you find a candidate who feels like a better fit for another role and not the one they've applied for, you can move them to the Talent pool.
  2. All you have to do is click on this in-tray icon (   ) to archive to talent pool. You can do this from the Candidate 360 page or you can do it in bulk mode. 
  3. Once you archive someone, a pop-up will show up, requiring you to: 
  • Recommended Job Role- The default option is the job role for the job posting for which the candidate has applied. You can proceed with it or remove the existing option and associate the correct role. You can associate someone with multiple job roles.

  • Add tags: This helps you quickly identify this candidate.
  • Notify the candidate: To inform the candidate you've moved them to the talent pool and will consider reaching out to them first, when a similar job posting comes up again.

Access Your Talent Pool

Go to Recruit > Talent Pool. You can use filters to look through candidates; you can even add them back to job postings using actions in the Candidate 360 or in bulk mode.

Adding candidates from the talent pool to job postings

You can access the list of candidates from the talent pool and move the candidate to a specific job based on the job fitment. You can also choose to notify the candidate about being considered for the specific role.

When you create a job posting for a particular job role, Freshteam will make sure to automatically check the talent pool and pull up a list of candidates who have been marked as a good fit for that job posting. This way, no candidate ever gets lost in the system.

You can add a candidate directly from this view. Another alternative method is to go to a candidate's Candidate 360 page and click on the Unarchive button. 

Note: If you are in the Free or Growth Plan, you can archive candidates to Talent Pool, however, to perform other functions of Talent Pool like finding candidates in one pool, getting suggestions from Freshteam for a job, etc., one needs to be on our Pro or Enterprise Plans.

What's Next?