Accessible for Admin, Account Admin, and HR Partner

Freshteam offers six default roles in the Free and Growth plans and eight default roles in the Pro and Enterprise plans. One can choose and assign any one of these roles to their employees. However, if you wish to add a new custom role of your own, you can do so with Freshteam’s Estate plan. Let us see how. 

  1. Go to “Settings> Roles and Privileges > Manage Roles”. 

  2. You will see the list of the default roles offered in Freshteam, on the top right corner, you can see the “Add New” option.

  1. Click it and it will take you to this page. 

  2. Here, give a Name to your role, a description explaining the basic accessibility and usage of the role. 

  3. You can then give permissions to the different functional privileges inside Freshteam by enabling the checkboxes as you wish.

  4. Certain privileges cannot be edited and are disabled for change. 

  5. Once you are done giving all the necessary permissions, click “Save” to add the custom role to the set of roles already available.

8. Upon saving, it will be visible in the list of roles.

How to create custom roles : A Video