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When you make an offer, you need to update your records regarding the terms you're offering, salary, benefits etc., before you send them the offer. We categorize offer fields into 4 sections as listed below. One can add custom fields only under Offer Information section and we consider all other sections default and the user cannot add custom fields.
  • Personal Information: This section is for personal information like name, contact phone and email address, postal address, gender and date of birth.
  • Compensation information: For pay and benefit related information.
  • Employment details: All employment related information viz. Job title, role, location, employment type, reporting manager, joining date, cost center (AKA Division), team (AKA department), HR Contact.
  • Offer Information: Offer validity period.

How do I add a custom offer field?
  • Go to Settings > Offer > Fields.
  • The top blue band in the left side pane lists all the custom fields you can create e.g. Text, Multi-line text, Radio button, Check box, Numbers and more. 
  • Drag and drop the desired field type to the Offer information section or click on the custom field you wish to add.
  • Hit 'Save' to create these fields for future offers.