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Every job role requires a different interview process. For example, if you were hiring a marketing person, you’d want them to submit a writing sample during the screening process before you called them in for an interview. A coding test is necessary to filter developers and so on. 


In Freshteam, you can create unique hiring processes, for each job posting, with different stages for candidates to go through before they can become an employee in your organization. 

Understanding the default hiring process 

With every job posting, there are different stages that a candidate has to go through to get hired ( we call this, the hiring process or hiring pipeline ).

The typical hiring pipeline includes the following 5 stages -

  • Leads - Passive Candidates (outbound leads ) sourced by the recruiters via different sources

  • Applicants - Active Candidates (inbound applicants) who have applied via career site, external job boards or any other channel

  • Screening -  At this stage, the candidate gets screened by the recruiter with an assignment or an exploratory call based on the company’s hiring process

  • Interviews - This stage includes the necessary interview rounds defined for specific job roles

  • Offer and Hire - This is the final stage where the offer is made to the candidate and hiring is confirmed on offer acceptance. 

Each stage has a set of default substages and customizable substages. You could add more substages based on the recruitment process or customize them based on the job role.

  • Leads - 

    • Outbound Leads ( Default ) 

    • Reached Out ( Default )

  • Applicants - 

    • Inbound Applicants ( Default ) 

    • Longlisted 


  • Screening - 

    • Recruiter Phone Screen 

    • HM Review 

    • HM Shortlist 

    • Exploratory Call 

    • Test Assignment

  • Interviews - 

    • Round 1

    • Round 2

    • Round 3

    • Round 4 

    • Culture Fit Round 

  • Offer and Hire - 

    • Offer In-Draft ( Default )  

    • Offered ( Default ) 

    • Offer Accepted ( Default )  

    • Offer Declined ( Default )

    • Hired ( Default ) 

Apart from the above, we have the following stages available for every job posting - 

  • Rejected

  • Archive to Talent Pool

  • Deleted

  • Blacklisted

Customizing the hiring process -

  1. Adding a hiring process is part of a job posting creation. Once you have created the job, it will take you to the complete job details page.
  2. Scroll down to find the 'Manage Hiring process' option to customize your hiring process.A pop-up with the above categories will open up. 
  3. Add custom rounds as necessary by clicking on the “+” icon next to the Screening, Interviews and Offer stages.
  4. Type in the name of your round and also determine what skills you want to be measured in them.

5. You can also preview the process after adding them to the stages by clicking on the 'Preview' option on the top corner of the hiring process section.

6. Click 'Save' to save the hiring process.

What's Next?