Every job role requires a different interview process. For example, if you were hiring a marketing person, you'd want them to submit a writing sample during the screening process before you called them in for an interview. A coding test is necessary to filter developers and so on. 

In Freshteam, you can create unique hiring processes, for each job posting, with different stages for candidates to go through before they can become an employee in your organization. 

Understanding the hiring process

  • The default hiring process has five top level non-customizable stages:
    • Candidate
    • Screening
    • Face to face
    • Offer &
    • Hire

You can add custom stages but only under "Screening", "Face to Face", and "Offer" stages. By default, the last 2 stages under "Offer" category are "Make an Offer" and "Offer Accepted/ Declined". So, when a candidate applies for a job posting, they start under the candidate stage and move through Screening, Face to Face and Offer before becoming a hire. In the Kanban view, the candidates will be displayed under the respective stages, you can even drag and drop candidates to move them to different stages. In the list view, the hiring process is a column with a dropdown that allows you to move candidates across stages.

Besides these stages, a candidate can also be moved to common statuses such as "Rejected", "Archived to Talent Pool", "Deleted" and "Blacklisted" Or even moved to a different job posting.

Adding a new hiring process on the go

  • Adding a hiring process form is part of a job posting creation. You can slide open the hiring process section while you are creating a job posting.
  • You can see a default hiring process with the standard set of five top categories as explained above.
  • Add custom stages as necessary under each Screening, Face to face and Offer category.
  • You can also preview the process after adding them to the stages by clicking on the preview icon (eye icon) on the top corner of hiring process section.

Example: Let us create a hiring process for a Pre-sales Engineer. 

Your hiring process might include rounds that test,

  1. Communication skills
  2. Technical skills
  3. Organization fit
  4. Compensation expectations
  5. Negotiations
  6. Offer

The Hiring process may look something like this:

You can customise the criteria you want focussed on at each stage of the hiring process. Just select the button next to each round and choose the criteria you wish for the interviewer to focus on.