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Note: This is a one-way sync from Freshteam to G-suite and not the other way round. Changes made in Freshteam will reflect in G-suite and the vice versa is not possible. 


Freshteam gets a massive update with the all-new GSuite Integration that comes with a bunch of exciting and smart features to make managing employee directory easy across all of your GSuite Applications. The new integration will let you have real-time automated data synchronization from Freshteam to G-Suite. Whenever you add an employee or delete an employee or update the information to an existing employee profile in Freshteam, these changes will be reflected automatically in your GSuite user list. It will create a new user, delete the terminated employee's user profile, and similarly update the information to the employee's user profile. 



Installation Steps

1. To start off, go to your Settings Page > General Settings > Integrate with Other Apps > Apps. 

2. You can search for "GSuite" from the search bar on the page or you can find it under "All" in the Browse by Category Section. 

3. Here, you will find GSuite, click on the Install button next to it, to initiate the integration. 

4. It will redirect you to the Google Login Page, sign in with your admin id to be able to complete the process. Only Admin Accounts can be used to enable integration. 

5. You will see the following screen after successfully submitting your login details, click on Allow to allow the integration. 


6. Once the above step is completed successfully, you will be redirected to Freshteam, to set the configurations for the Integration. 


7. Enter your Domain Name (ie) if you are freshteam account URL is "". "freshteamdemo" is your domain name and your API Key in the configuration tab and click on Next and then Install. 


8. Once you have successfully done that, you have to set up your conditions, etc., to complete the process. 


- Set the Sync Trigger Condition - that is what and all do you want to sync between Freshteam and GSuite. Check in the list shown. 

- Enter the Domain Name, First Time Password, provide the email ID to which you want to receive notifications.


9. Under "Advanced Settings", choose if you want to sync All Employee Data or Apply Filters to filter the employee profiles to which you want to apply the sync based on Location, Employee Type, and Departments. Click on Apply to apply the settings.


10. After applying the configurations, click on “Field Mappings” to map more fields between Freshteam and GSuite. 


11. Three fields (first name, last name, and official email) are pre-done for you. You can add more fields by clicking on + Map another field and choosing values from the drop-down under the Freshteam column (left) and the corresponding field in the "GSuite" column (right). Refer to the image below for help. Click on Save after you are done.  


Fields that can be Mapped and Synced from Freshteam and Gsuite

- Freshteam: name, email, Designation, Employee ID, ID card number, Cost center, Workstation number, Employee type, Business Unit, Department, Sub-department, work Address, Branch, Team and Work Phone numbers 

- GSuite Directory: Name, email, Work Address, Location, Department, Title, Cost center, Employee Type, Dotted Line Manager, Manager's email, Phone, Employee ID and single value custom fields


Now your setup is complete. Please note that you can always come back to the Settings page to alter any configuration you have done to any other way you want. Once the installation is done, the first time sync process will happen in the background and will take a few mins to complete. You will be notified once it's complete. 


After that first-time full sync, any change you make to employee data in Freshteam will be automatically reflected in your GSuite too.


  • How long does it take to sync all employee profiles across Freshteam and GSuite once the installation set-up is done? 

It depends on the number of active employees in your account, the more the number, the longer it takes. On average, it takes 10-15 mins to sync 50 active employees. 

  • Will I be notified after the first time sync of employees from Freshteam to GSuite is done?

Yes, email containing the sync log will be sent once the sync is over.

  • I've updated user details (department, reporting manager, title) on GSuite directory. Will it sync back on Freshteam?

No, it's a Freshteam to GSuite one-way sync ie only changes done in Freshteam will be updated on GSuite and not the other way around.

  • How is an employee on Freshteam and a user on GSuite matched and synced? 

Sync is done when the Official email matches in profiles across two systems. 

  • After installation, I updated the field mapping settings. Will all the existing profiles get synced based on the new mapping? 

No, only the profile updates done after the field mapping changes will be synced on GSuite.

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