Once you have installed Remote, new employee information is automatically synced to Remote. Let’s understand how this works:  

Detailed Instructions for New Employee Sync

1. Open your Freshteam account. Go to Employees-> Employee Directory

2. Click on Add Employee. A side bar will appear on your screen, click on Take me to a detailed form.  

3. On the Job tab, Enter the mandatory fields such as first name, last name, email address, employee type, employee ID, designation, date of joining.

4. Go to the Personal tab, and add a personal email address. As a next step, click on Save as -> Save Profile.

5. Go to the Remote portal -> Onboarding. On your screen you can see that the new employee data is automatically synced.

6. Please note a record of the new employee profile is created on Remote in real-time. Remote admin will need to click on Finish and invite to create the profile on Remote.

7. As a next step Remote’s admin has to complete the employee onboarding. The mandatory fields from Freshteam are successfully auto-populated on Remote. For instance, the personal email info has been auto-populated on Remote. If a new employee doesn’t have a personal email id, their official email will be auto-populated here. 

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