Accessible to Account Admin, Admin, HR Partner, Limited HR Partner and Recruiter

As part of the Garden and Estate plans, Freshteam allows you to customize your career portal with a lot of options. 

To do this, go to Settings > Job Publishing > Career Site.

Here's a list of settings that you can customize:

1. Career site name: Your career site's name; this appears next to your company logo on the career site.

2. Career site URL: You can create a vanity URL for your careers page. You will have to create a CNAME DNS record in your DNS Zone file to point to Your Webmaster or Server administrator should be able to help you set this up correctly - (Please note - you will need to purchase custom SSL from Freshteam ($60/year) to CNAME the career site)

3. Career site language: You can select a language from the list of available languages.

4. Logo and favicon: You can upload your logo and favicon files here.

5. Career site advanced settings: You can also personalize every inch of your career site by customizing CSS.

  • Colours and Fonts: You can change your Background colours, Fonts, and Form Elements here.

  • Stylesheet: You can add your own custom stylesheet or overwrite the default stylesheet. You can also enable the mobile-friendly stylesheet here. 

  • Layout: Customize your Page layout here. 

  • Pages: You can customize the body are of each page here.

6. You can Preview the page, Save, or Save and Publish. 

7. If at any time, you wish to reset to the default or last saved site, you can do so by clicking Reset to and choose your option from the drop-down box.