Every time there’s a candidate interview, recruiters are forced to take time out of their otherwise busy day to update the interview stages of the candidates. What if, there was a way to automate it, such that as soon as an interview is completed and the candidate has to be moved to the next stage, they are moved automatically?

Smart Interview Stage Movement

That’s exactly where Freshteam can help you, with the Smart interview stage movement. Here’s how you enable the feature:

1. Navigate to Settings and click on Preferences.

2. Click on Recruit and enable Smart Interview Stage Movement'.

3. That's it! Henceforth, every time an interview is completed, the candidate will be automatically moved to the next stage.


Note: Please keep in mind that smart stage movement will not be triggered in case of no-shows or cancellation of interviews. This helps with accurate reporting on-stage movements. It also helps measure the candidate pass-through rate accurately for each round. 

What's Next?