Once an interviewer finishes assessing a candidate, they can submit notes as feedback through interview scorecards. This interview feedback will be visible in the candidate's profile. The hiring manager and recruiter can view the complete feedback, whereas other panel members can see only a partial view i.e. just the hiring decision (Strong hire, hire, Strong no hire or No hire), the list of competencies assessed along with the overall average.

Note: Your panel members can give Neutral Feedback when they are not sure of their hiring decision. To make Neutral Feedback an option in your scorecard, enable Neutral Feedback from Settings > General > Preferences > Recruit. Refer screenshot below. 

Interviewers can access the interview scorecard through,

  • The 'Interviews' tab on the candidate's candidate 360 page. 
  • The 'Interviews' widget on the dashboard.
  • Email. The interviewer gets a notification so they can also click on the link provided in the email to submit the feedback.

You can submit interview feedback for a specific interview or in an ad hoc manner.

To submit interview feedback:

  • Click on the 'Add feedback' button. This will load the interview scorecard. (Learn more about adding a scorecard here)
  • The interview scorecard is a list of qualities against which you have to rank the candidate. You can rate the candidate's performance for the skill or value you've assessed them for and leave the others as 'Not assessed' (Which is also the default value selected against every skill or value)
  • It is mandatory to enter your rating for at least one competency and your hiring recommendation for the candidate i.e. Strong hire, hire, no hire and Strong no hire. 
  • You can also leave a comment. It will display this comment in the candidate's timeline.

Freshteam calculates the average score of the competencies assessed and displays the overall score for the candidate.

Viewing interview feedback

The overall score is displayed next to the interviewer's name in the candidate's timeline. If you click on the score, it displays a list of competencies assessed and the interviewer's evaluation. While hiring managers, recruiters, admins, and account admins can see the overall score, panel members cannot.

Customize your scorecard

Your scorecard can now be customized with various ranking options such as star rating, text boxes or single choice. So you can choose the best method suited for you. Click here to know more about customizing your Interview Scorecard.