You can schedule an interview with a candidate if your role is that of a recruiter, an admin or an account admin. While scheduling an interview, you can also notify the candidate - either immediately or schedule the invitation for a later time.

Quick guide to scheduling interviews

  • Go to the Candidate 360 page of the candidate with whom you wish to schedule the interview. You can do so through Recruit > Jobs > Job posting or by going to the Recruit > Candidates view and clicking on the candidate's name.

  • Click on "Schedule Interview" for a pop-up like the one below.

  • Here's a quick breakdown of all the options in the pop-up: 
    • Stage - Choose the relevant stage(s) for which you wish to schedule the interview. You can only choose from the list of stages for the hiring process associated to the job posting.
    • Panel member - Select the panel member who's going to interview the candidate. This can be typically any panel member or the hiring manager of the associated job posting.
    • Date and time - This is where the date and time of the interview go. The google calendar sync will show you the actual calendar of the selected panel member.
    • Duration - The length of time you expect this interview to last.
    • Location - The location or medium of the interview say for e.g. if you wish to have a Skype interview, this is where you provide the Skype id.
  • If you'd like to schedule multiple interviews at once, you can hit the 'Add stage' button.
  • Once you hit 'Schedule' in the bottom right of this pop-up, Freshteam will automatically notify the interviewer with a calendar invite to them.

Notifying candidates

When you're scheduling an interview, it isn't just the interviewer who needs to know the details. Instead of switching screens or applications, you can simply hit 'Notify the candidate' option in the bottom left. This option loads a pre-populated reply template with all the relevant information. You can edit the content or just email the template to the candidate. Alternatively, you can also choose to load canned responses from the email editor.