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Picture this: You've scheduled an interview with a candidate and everything's great except it's not because the time you've picked doesn't work for the interviewer anymore. Or the meeting room doesn't - whatever the situation, what you need to do now is to reschedule the interview to find a new time or a room.

Previously, you had to cancel the interview and schedule a new one which made things messy. Now, you can just edit the interview, update changes and notify both the candidate and the interviewers.

To edit a Scheduled Interview,

1. Go to the candidate whose interview you want to change through Recruit > Candidates > Candidates 360 or Recruit > Recruitment > 'Specific Job' > Candidate 360 for the specific candidates.

2. Click on the Interviews tab, edit the interview you want. 

3. When you click on the "Edit interview" option, you can view details of the interview and make the necessary edits.

4. You can click on 'Update and Continue' and then proceed to notify all the relevant stakeholders about the change.

NotePick a new time or room that works for you and update away! You cannot however change the panel member of the interview - in that scenario, cancel the interview and schedule a new one.

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