An interview scorecard is an evaluation template with a list of all the qualities and skills expected out of the position. This helps interviewers approach interviews in a structured manner and goes a long way in helping remove hiring biases. 

Interviewers can submit interview feedback either through, the 'Interviews' dashboard widget that has a list of interviews for which feedback has to be submitted, or the link in the automatic email notification.

Interview scorecards are customizable and can be customised for each job posting. You can add the scorecard when you create a job posting.

 Every skill is assessed on a scale of 1-5, with 5 standing for 'exceptional' and 1 for 'poor'. Interviewers can rate the skill and leave a note based on their assessment. The note, the respective rating and the candidate's overall score, will be displayed on the candidate's timeline. Interviewers also have the option of rating just the skills relevant to them. 

How do I add a new interview scorecard?

  • The interview scorecard can be added on the go when you create a job posting. (Please refer to the first pic in this article)
  • Give the interview scorecard a name and a short description that you'll be able to easily grasp.
  • Add the skills or qualities to be assessed. You can leave hints for the interviewer as a guide
  • If you'd like to add more skills, click on the "Add item" button to add more assessment skills.
  • The preview icon on the right top of the screen will help you to view the scorecard quickly before you save it.
  • Your scorecard can now be customised with various ranking options such as star rating, text boxes or single choice. So you can choose the best method suited for you.