Accessible to Account Admin, Admin, HR Partner, Limited HR Partner, and Recruiter

An interview scorecard is an evaluation template with a list of all the qualities and skills expected of the position. This helps interviewers approach interviews in a structured manner and goes a long way in helping remove hiring biases and subjectivity. 

You can add a default interview scorecard when you create a job posting or customize it after the job posting is created.

How do I create a new interview scorecard?

1. Go to Recruitment > Recruit and click on details for the job where you would like to set up the interview scorecard.

2. Scroll down to the Hiring Workflow and click on 'Manage Interview Scorecard'.

3. You can choose a template from an existing job posting by clicking on the 'Copy from' drop-down at the top and selecting the relevant template. 

4. You can also create a customized interview scorecard by adding the relevant sections or individual competencies to be assessed.

5. Type the competency required, and choose the input you want the answer to be such as Rating, Rating with Comments, Multi-choice or Single Choice or Text box.

a) Rating, Multi-choice, Single Choice, and the "Rating" in Rating with Comments are all fields that can be used a maximum of 50 times in your scorecard. That is you can have each of these options in your scorecard only when in total it is up to 50, after the limit is reached, these options will be disabled. Similarly, the Text Box and the "Comments" in Rating with Comments together can be used a maximum of 50 times per post which will be disabled.

b)  If you delete a few competencies with filled feedback, they will be preserved under each candidate's profile and the input types used for them will be accounted for in your total 50 counts, however, if your competencies were deleted with no feedback in them, those input types will not be accounted for. This holds when you edit an interview scorecard and copy a new one from a different job as well.

6. You can also add hints to guide your interviewer on what to look for in the candidate under each competency
7. Once you have everything set, click on Preview to see how the scorecard looks.

8. You can also set up the Visibility of the scorecard based on who you want the scorecard to be visible to.

9. Your interviewers can add 'Comments ' while taking the interview which they can later come back to while submitting the feedback.

10. If you are satisfied, click on 'Save'.

What's Next?