Accessible to Admin and Account Admin

You have 6 curated reports in Freshteam, you can clone them to add more widgets and customize your report, and if you still want to create a new report from scratch, you can. This article will explain how. 

1. To create a new report, go to Reports > Advanced Analytics > New Report.

2. Give your report a title and choose its visibility. Click Create to create your report. 

3. Once inside your report, click on Add Widget present in the middle or top-right corner to add widgets and create your report. 

4. You can choose from a varied category of widgets based on your requirements.

5. Drag and Drop a widget you want. After adding all the widgets you can configure the widgets however needed. 

6. You can do few more things with your report like, 

- Export As PDF - Export the report as PDF and save it. 

- Schedule: You can schedule to get your report to your mail on a timely basis, this can be to keep on loop a few people, or for your weekly analysis meeting, anything at all, schedule the report and it will arrive. Once you click Schedule, the following pop-up will come. 

Here, choose when to send the report, the duration, the day, set the email id to send the report, the Subject, and Description of the mail, and the format of the report. Click Save to save the schedule. 

- Presentation Mode: You can directly go to presentation mode and present your reports in meetings or wherever required. 

- Filter - Add any filter you want while viewing.