Job requisitions are raised by hiring managers when they want to find a candidate to fill a new role or refill an existing role. With Freshteam, you can create job requisition forms, configure approvers, associate the requisition with a job opening and allocate recruiters to work on them.

In this article, we will see how the job requisition process works.

Requisition Process

1. Once you have raised a new job requisition, it will move to the approval process. 

2. The specific requisition will show Pending Approval until the approval process is completed. 

3. Once the requisition is approved, you can associate the requisition with a job opening. 

5. After the requisitions are approved, they come under the “Approved” tab.

6. Choose the job opening for which you want to see the status. 

You can track all your approved job openings from this tab. You could also customize the job requisition form, add requisitions in bulk, create approval rules and understand how requisitions could be rejected.

What's Next?