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A job requisition raised by Sales Team cannot have the same approval rule as the Engineering Team. A job requisition raised for the same role in the US will have a different approval process from the one raised in Berlin. This is why Freshteam enables you to create multiple Approval Rules that can be mapped to corresponding job requisitions. You can create approval rules, set the conditions, and set the approval workflow which is unique to each job requisition. 

Creating a New Approval Rule

  1. Go to Settings > Job Requisitions > Approval Rules. 

  2. Click Add New to create a New Approval Rule. 

  3. Give a Title to your approval rule. 

  4. Create your approval workflow; add approval stages and approvers for each stage.

  5. Give a name to each stage based on your preference such as Finance approval or Manager Approval 

  6. You can set the approval stage condition as “Everyone needs to Approve”, “Anyone can Approve” or “Auto-approve”.   

  7. When the condition is set to ‘Auto-approve’, there are no approvals required, however, employees associated with the job will be notified.

  8. Once you are done adding all stages and the respective approvers, you can set the conditions required in a requisition to come under this approval rule. 

  9. Click Save to create your new Approval Rule.

Your new approval rule has been added! 


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