Accessible to any role which has access to create a requisition except Employee. 

Job requisitions are raised by hiring managers when they want to find a candidate to fill a new role or refill an existing role. With Freshteam, you can create job requisition forms, configure approvers, and associate the requisition with a job opening and allocate recruiters to work on them.


Creating a Job Requisition

  1. Go to Recruitment > Job Requisitions.
  2. On the “Job Requisition” page, click on the “New Requisition” tab on the right side of the page above the active requisition list.

  3. The “Create New Requisition Form,” tab will pop up.

  4. Fill in all the fields and click the “Create” tab present in the top-right. 

  5. Your Job Requisition is created. 

Note: If you are opening a headcount for someone who is leaving your team ( internal transfer or resignation), you can choose the “Backfill” option in the requisition type. The backfill field is activated and you can choose the employee who is leaving the team and against whom you need the new headcount.

Job Requisition Approval and Job Association

A Job Requisition needs all necessary approvals to then be associated with a job opening. When the approvers of a particular job requisition approve it, the requisition moves from the ‘Pending Approval’ state to the ‘Approved’ state.

After approval, you can associate the job with an existing job opening.

  1. Once you click on 'Associate Job', a pop-up will open up with a list of open job roles. 
  2. Choose the job opening you want to associate the requisition with from the drop-down list and assign recruiters. 
  3. Click 'Done' to make your job requisition active.

Your new job requisition has been created, approved, and associated with an open role! Happy recruiting.

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