Job Requisitions can be added by anyone in your company who has the access to submit new requisitions. But as the admin, you can customize the fields in the Requisition form based on the mandates of your company policies. You could add custom fields in addition to the default ones to get more information about the new requisition that could help the stakeholders who need to approve the same.

Editing the Job Requisition Form

  1. Go to Settings > Job Requisitions > Fields.

  2. We have four default and nine recommended fields in Freshteam which you can add/remove from your requisition form according to each job.


3. You can add Custom Fields in your form by clicking on +Add Custom Field. 

4. Give a label to your custom field and choose the type of field you want from the drop-down list. 

5. Choose the behavior of the field and click Add to create the custom field and click on Save.

You are all set with the new customized requisition form!

What's next?