Accessible to everyone except Employees

Every time you onboard a new employee, there are several things that have to be done by several teams apart from the team the new hire is joining in like HR, IT, Admin etc., With Freshteam, you can create an exhaustive checklist with all the actions to be performed, you can create tasks and assign it to the respective person/ stakeholder as we call it in Freshteam to ensure a smooth onboarding process for both your new hire and you. 

To create an Onboarding Checklist, 

1. Go to Settings > Employee Information System > Onboarding > Checklists

2. Here, click Add New to create a new checklist. 

3. Give your Checklist a title, description and add sections under which you can assign tasks to stakeholders. 

4. Here is how you can add a section, assign it to stakeholders and also have watchers for the tasks. 

5. Once you have added all the section and tasks, click Save to save your checklist. 

Note: You can create tasks and set the action as anything from Checkbox to attaching Documents using Freshteam, we have options for it all.