Accessible to Admin, Account Admin, HR Partner and Recruiter.

With Freshteam, you can put together an Onboarding Kit and send it across your new hires in a single click.  You can create different onboarding kits for different departments or roles and choose the ones as you onboard new employees.

How to upload an Onboarding Kit

  • Go to Settings > Employee Information System > Onboarding > Onboarding Documents. 

  • In the Onboarding Documents page select “Add New” option present on the right side to add new documents for your kit.

  • In the Add New page, give a name to your document, add a description. 

  • If you want the employee to agree to a document, select the “Yes, should agree” radio button. 

  • Or, select the “No, just notify” radio button. 

  • Upload a static document by selecting “Static Document”.

  • To upload a dynamic document like a test or form, select Dynamic Document. 

  • You can add Dynamic Placeholders to your Dynamic Document by copy-pasting them. 

  • To view the Dynamic Placeholders, select the “View Dynamic Placeholders” option in Dynamic Document option or from the right side of the page. 

  • After selecting the following page will show up. 

  • Click “Copy” to copy the placeholder you want to add to the document. 

  • After adding all the placeholders and the document, click “Save”.