The ‘New Hire Form’ allows you to collect all the key information from your candidates while sending them the Welcome kit during the onboarding process in an effortless manner. 

The information filled in the New Hire Form would automatically get populated into the respective corresponding fields in the Employee record once these candidates are converted into an employee. 

Setting up the ‘New Hire Form’ in your onboarding process

  • Go to Settings > Employee Information System > Onboarding and click on New Hire Form

  • You would be taken to a form builder interface where you can configure the precise fields that you want to capture from new hires while onboarding them.

The form contains three sections as follows:

  • Personal: This part of the form is designed to capture the personal information of the candidate. 

  • Employment and Education: This tab would be used to capture the education and work experience details of the candidate. 

  • Files: In this tab, you can define the list of documents that you want the candidate to upload during the onboarding process. 

Modifying the fields in the ‘New Hire Form’ 

Freshteam allows you to completely modify this form. 

You can edit or delete the fields by simply hovering over each field and clicking on the Edit or Delete icons.


You can also add new custom fields or add sections using the ‘Drag and Drop Fields’ bar at the top of the form fields. 

You can also add conditions to show or hide specific sections in the edit modal for particular sections.


If you have added any additional Custom fields or Suggested Fields in the Employee Record form (Settings > Employee Information System > Profile Fields > Employee Record), those fields would appear as Suggested Fields in the New Hire Form on the right side of the screen. You can easily drag and drop these pre-built suggested fields to any section of the form.

In case you add a Custom Field to the New Hire Form, you would have to define where this field goes into the Employee Record Form. This field would be added to the respective section in the Employee Record form.

Previewing the ‘New Hire Form’ for different candidates

You can easily preview the form as it would appear for specific candidates, by using the Save and Preview option at the top of the screen. Once you click on the button, you would see a drop-down list of candidates in your onboarding list. 

Once you choose a candidate you would see the preview of the New Hire Form for the specific candidate where you can preview the precise form that the candidate will receive in the Welcome Kit ( based on the conditions defined to show/hide different sections in the form)

You can change the preview to that of another candidate by selecting any other candidate from the drop-down list present at the top of the form preview.


Sending the ‘New Hire Form’ to different candidates

Once you set up the New Hire Form, it would be automatically sent to the candidates when you initiate onboarding. Here is an article with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to initiate onboarding for a new hire.