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The new hire onboarding is one of the very first interactions you have with your employees. It is the first image you create about your company and its culture in the new hire's mind. Freshteam helps you handle it smoothly.

Even before the new hires step in, you can send them the forms to be filled or documents to be signed and then follow up with gentle reminders. You can collect the completed forms and save them in the employee’s database along with other information that can be accessed anytime. 

Initiating Onboarding in Freshteam

To add a new hire and initiate Onboarding, follow the below simple steps. 

  • Go to People > Onboarding.

  • Select “+New Hire” to add new hire.

  • In the following page fill all the information required. 

  • Click “Next” to add the documents that go on the Onboarding Kit. 

  • Select the Documents you want to share by deselecting the ones you do not want to add.

  • Click “Send” to send the Onboarding kit to the hire and initiate Onboarding. 

  • Once the Onboarding has been initiated, the hire will be added to the list of hires under “Onboarding Initiated” category and you will also receive a notification. 

Adding New Hire and Initiating Later

If you want to add a new hire but initiate their onboarding later, you can save the profile as a draft and initiate later with Freshteam. 

  • Go to People > Onboarding.

  • Select “+New Hire” to add new hire. 

  • In the following page fill all the information required. 

  • Click “Save as Draft” instead of “Next”.

  • Your New hire will be added to the “New Hire Queue” and you will be notified. 

  • You can initiate Onboarding whenever you wish for the candidate by selecting “Initiate Onboarding”.

  • Then follow similar steps for Onboarding as mentioned above. 

Sending Reminders

If your new hires haven't started their onboarding yet, gently nudge them with subtle reminders.

  • Go to People > Onboarding.

  • Under “Onboarding Initiated” category, select “Send reminder” under the candidate you wish to remind.

  • You will be notified that the reminder has been sent.