Accessible to everyone except Employee

Freshteam has integrated with SignEasy to enable E-Sign which can be used in all Onboarding documents. Using E-Sign you can send contracts and onboarding documents that require signature through Freshteam and get things done faster and paper-free. Let us see how E-Sign works in Freshteam. 

1. Once you have integrated with SignEasy or DocuSign, you can then easily get your new hires to sign documents you want using it. 

2. The first step to get your document E-signed is to create it with the "Should Sign" condition. 

3. To do this, go to Settings > Onboarding > Onboarding documents. 

4. You can edit your existing document or Add New one. 

5. Give your document a Name and Description that your team can easily comprehend. 

6. Under "What should the employee do with this document?", choose Should Sign this Document.

7. Drag and Drop your document and then click Save to save the document. 

8. The second step of the process comes in when you are Initiating Onboarding for your new hire. 

9. Go to Employees > Onboarding.

10. You can choose a new hire already in the queue or add a new hire. For an existing hire, edit the welcome kit or send the welcome kit to add the document. 

11. After filling the joining info, you will go to Document Sharing when you click Next.

12. Select the documents you want to send, and choose which tool you want to use for the e-signing process from the drop-down. 

13. Click Next, see the welcome email, preview, and send the welcome kit to your new hires. 

If you want to see how the process will be for your new hire in SignEasy, click here.

For DocuSign, click here.