A Paygroup is used to group a set of employees within an organization for payroll processing. This will group people so that they will have the same:

  • Pay frequency

  • Currency 

  • Pay period (beginning and end dates)

When creating a Paygroup, it is a good practice to ensure that your Paygroup is in the future to allow you time to switch from your existing payroll process to Freshteam.


How to create a Paygroup

1. Go to Settings > Employee Information System > Payroll > Paygroups.

2. Click on the Add New button to start creating a new Paygroup.

3. Enter the Paygroup details on the screen that slides in. 

  • Paygroup Name - The name of your Paygroup, this can typically be something like ‘Acme Inc. Monthly Paygroup’

  • Pay Frequency - Enter the frequency by which the employees in this Paygroup would be paid. 

  • Initial Payroll Period - Enter the Initial period start date - you can only select a period in the future.

  • Default Currency - Enter the currency that everyone in this group would be paid in.

Tip: You can create more than one Paygroup in case you're paying different employees in different currencies or frequencies (weekly/monthly, etc.)


How to edit/delete a Paygroup

1. Go to Settings > Employee Information System > Payroll > Paygroups.

2. You would see a list of existing Paygroups in your account. Hover over any Paygroup name to see the Edit and Delete options. 

Note: You can only delete a Paygroup once all employees assigned to it have been moved to another Paygroup. Deleting a Paygroup will also delete the payroll data that may have been generated against this Paygroup.

Note: When editing a Paygroup, you can only update the currency or the name of the Paygroup. You cannot change the frequency or start date. If you need to do this, the recommendation is to create a new Paygroup with the correct data and move employees into this and delete the one with the incorrect information.

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