Once a Paygroup is created, employees can be assigned to it in bulk or individually. Let’s look at all these options one by one: 


Bulk Assigning employees to a Paygroup

You can use this option by assigning employees in bulk through the Employee directory.

1. Go to Employees > Employee Directory from the left menu. 

2. In the employee directory, you can search or apply a filter for those employees who you want to assign a Paygroup. 

3. Provide the filter criteria to shortlist the desired employees and click on the Apply button

4. Select all the employees you want to add to the Paygroup. 

5. Click on the Bulk Actions option and click on Bulk Edit


6. In the window that opens up, go to the Pay Group option and choose the Paygroup that you want to assign to the selected employees. Click on Save

This will update all the employee's current Paygroup. 

Note: Bulk update will not automatically update the currency the employee is paid in. To update the currency you need to update the individual employee record. This avoids sudden and unexpected discrepancies in the payroll data.

Assigning Individuals to a Paygroup

You can assign a Paygroup to an individual employee manually when you are creating a new employee record or by editing an existing employee record. Here are the steps to do the same: 

1. Click on Employee> Employee Directory from the left menu. 

2. Click on the employee card for whom you want to change the Paygroup. This would open up the employee profile screen. 

3. Click on Actions > Edit Profile option from the top right part of the screen. 

4. Navigate to the Compensation tab and from here you have two options 

  1. Adding a new compensation row by clicking on Add Compensation

  2. Editing the current row by clicking on the Edit icon

Note: If you edit an existing row, you will be updating the employee's current salary without creating a historical entry for the old values. If you want to ensure that you have a history of all salary changes for an employee, it is recommended that you choose the Add Compensation option.

  • On the Add Salary Details screen, select the Paygroup you want to choose for the given employee. Click on Save.

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