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Candidates can apply directly to job postings through the career site, the job embeds, and the Facebook app tab. But there are also several other ways to add candidates for consideration. 

In this article, we will see how to add candidates from Talent Pool. 

  • The talent pool is where your archived candidate database lives. 

  • This could include not-right-now candidates, right-candidate-wrong-job profiles and so on.

  • When you click on the 'From Talent Pool' option in the 'Add Candidates' drop-down, Freshteam pulls up a list of candidates, who have been tagged with the same job role, in the talent pool.  

  • Select “Add as Candidate” present next to the candidate you wish.

  • When you move a candidate to an open job, you have the option of notifying them. This will send out a email Freshteam has already made ready for you. 

  • Once you are done, click Save to move the candidate.