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Tags help users link specific profiles together easily for quick access. For instance, if you use a 'communication skills' tag to tag candidates with exceptional communication skills, you'll be able to easily pull up a list of candidates who have good communication skills.

Let us see how to add tags to your candidates

There are two ways to do this.

Through Candidates Page.

1. Go to Recruit > Candidates. 
2. Choose the candidate to whom you want to add the tag. Hover over the three dots (...) that show more options at the end of that candidate's card. A quick actions menu should pop up on the card. Choose Add Tags.

3. A pop-up appears. Enter the tag name you wish to add in the pop-up. Click Update to save the tag.

Note: If the tag name already exists, the drop-down box will give you an option to choose it. If it is a new tag name, the bottom option will change as an option to  'Add' the text.


Through Candidate 360 page 

1. Go to Recruit > Candidates.

2. Choose the candidate you want to add tag for. 

3. The candidate's 360 page will open up. Here, click on the (...) icon to get more options. 

4. Select Add Tags to add a tag of your choice. 

5. You can also add a tag on the page, under the Tags section by simply clicking the icon. 

How to use Tags to filter?

To filter candidates using tags, go to the Filter section, type in the name of the tag you wish to search and hit Search.