Freshteam-Mettl integration allows you to track the ongoing assessments for your candidates and you can also filter your candidates with certain tags. Let us understand how this works. 


Using Tags for Candidate Filter View

With Mercer | Mettl integration, tags in your candidates' profiles get automatically added/ updated with each phase of the assessment. With various auto-populated tags, one can simply custom view/ filter candidates in their view dashboard based on assessment status. 

Below are the tags that are added at various stages of assessment: 

Assessment Status: On Test Sent 

Tags: Mettl-test-sent 

Assessment Status: On Test Completion 

Tags: Mettl-test-complete

The image below shows auto-populated tags for the assessment that is complete 

The above tags can be used to bulk filter candidates based on assessment status & the performance of the candidate in the assessment. The below GIF demonstrates the same.

Getting Notified Whenever Test Status Changes

Recruiters can also use the assessment status change to notify their hiring team & then proceed with action based on that. The following can be done to notify your team about the same

1. For every test status one can notify the hiring team about the same by going to comments section 

2. Tag the respective person you want to notify about the status through a mention @abc_hiringmanager 

3. Press the comment button and the respective person will be notified both in app and through email communication 

This ensures that your team does not miss out on any candidate in the pipeline, thereby making recruitment assessment & evaluation easy for the entire hiring staff. 

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