HR teams can evaluate candidates for specific skillsets by sending them customized assessments. Let us explore how you can send specific tests to candidates 

1. Click on recruitment tab > Select a job > Select candidate > Click on Mercer | Mettl icon on the right 

2. Mercer | Mettl tab will slide out, then select assessment type, test link and the email account via which you want to send the assessment to the candidate and click on send. 

3. Assessment status bar will appear on the same tab which will get updated based on the assessment status 

4. Review the assessment email that will appear along with tab and click on send email 

5. Assessment email will be sent to candidate on their respective email.

6. Once the assessment is taken by the candidate & submitted the status bar on the Mercer | Mettl tab will change to (Test Complete)

7. Recruiters can view the candidate assessment report directly from Freshteam.

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