Tags help users link specific profiles together easily for quick access. For instance, if you use a 'communication skills' tag to tag candidates with exceptional communication skills, you'll be able to easily pull up a list of candidates who have good communication skills.

Quick guide to tagging candidates:

  • Hover over the three dots (...) that indicate more options on a candidate's card in a job posting. A quick actions menu should pop up on the card. The quick actions in order, from right to left, are: Delete, Add Tags and Schedule an Interview
  • When you click on the Add Tag icon, a pop-up appears. Enter the tag name you wish to add in the pop-up. Note, if the tag name already exists, the drop-down box will give you an option to choose it. If it is a new tag name, the bottom option will change as a option to  'Add ' the text.


  • Alternatively, you can go to the Candidate 360 page for which you wish to create the tag. The 'Add Tag' icon is in the More Options in the top right side.
  • A third method involves going to the 'Profile' tab and clicking on '+ ' in the Tags section, to add a new tag.

Filtering using Tags:

To filter candidates using tags, go to the Filter section, type in the name of the tag you wish to search and hit Search.

Managing Tags:

  • Go to Settings > General > Tag manager to manage tags.
  • This page displays a list of all tags that are currently being used in your account. You can quickly sort them by Name or by Usage using the right side sort box or search them.
  • Renaming tags: simply click on the tag name, change the text and press 'Enter' in your keyboard. (Note: duplicates cannot be created)
  • Deleting tags: Hover over the tag you wish to delete and click on the ' x ' button to the right of the tag box. Choose the 'Delete' option in the confirmation dialogue box. Note, this action cannot be reversed and the tag will be removed from all the associated candidates.