Reduce operational overhead by setting up questions that will automatically disqualify candidates based on a set of criteria. This is highly recommended for roles with high volume of applications. 
Candidates can be rejected automatically based on custom knockout fields such as number of years of experience, notice period, visa availability and minimum age requirement.


Let’s see how this can be easily configured on Freshteam using Auto-pilot workflows.

Step 1: Add the required knockout question to your application form

For example, you want an application with less than 5 years of experience to be automatically rejected. 

1. Go to Recruitment > Recruit from the left menu in the dashboard

2. Select the relevant job where you want to add the workflow and click on ‘View Job Details'.

3. Click on the ‘Application Form’ tab from the top bar. 

4. In the ‘Customize application form’ window, you can add a custom drop-down field or select Total Experience from the suggested fields.

5. Add the relevant options and choose all the sourcing channels where you have the custom application form.

When you click on ‘Add’ and then ‘Save’, it automatically appears on the application form for that job post. 

Step 2: Automate the rejection of applications that don’t match your criteria

1. Once you hit save on the application form edit, click on the ‘Hiring Workflow’ tab from the job details page.

2. Select ‘Manage Autopilot Workflows’ > ‘Reject on custom requirements’ from the Sample Templates section

3. Name your  Auto-pilot workflow (For ex. Experience criteria/visa non-availability)

Now comes the part where you set up your desired automation for the custom knockout questions. 

Step 3: Customize the workflow automation to automate candidate rejection

You will find three columns on your page—Events, Conditions, and Actions

Setting up the ‘Event’ defines at which stage of the hiring process the automation should be triggered—when the candidate’s application gets added to the job/ when a candidate gets rejected, etc.

  1. So to automatically reject a candidate with less than 5 years of experience, select the event(s) that should trigger the workflow—In this case, we would want to trigger the workflow as soon as the candidate gets added to the respective job. 

  • Choose ‘Gets added to the job’ as the event for your workflow. 

  1. Next, select the condition(s) that should be met for the workflow to trigger.

Conditions define the criteria for the automated workflow to get triggered—number of years of experience, age, visa availability, etc. In this case, we would like to trigger the workflow if the candidate's number of years of experience is less than 5 years.

  • Click on the condition section and the plus button to add a condition

  • Click on the first drop-down menu and select the Custom knockout question on work experience that you had added previously. 

  • Add the value on which you want to run the auto-pilot workflow. In this case, it would be 0-5 years > and click on ‘Next’.

  1. Define the Action to be taken for candidates that meet the criteria for your automation and mention the reason for the action.

  • You may choose to notify the candidate about the reason for a rejection or uncheck that option as per your policy 

4. And don’t forget to hit ‘Save’

You’ve just created your first Candidate Rejection Automation! Congratulations! 

What's Next?