Sometimes, when you're pursuing a candidate, you want to put them on hold and defer your decision. Maybe you're waiting for input from the hiring team. Maybe the candidate asked for some time. In Freshteam, you can hit snooze on a candidate profile for a specific time period. When you do so, the candidate gets moved from your 'Active candidates' list to 'Snoozed' list. 

After the specified time period, the candidate profile will be restored to the same state they were in, before you hit snooze.

How do you snooze a candidate?

  • Go to a candidate's profile. Click on the hamburger icon (the three dots) in the corner
  • In the dropdown menu that appears, choose 'Snooze'
  • Pick a time period that works for you. You can also add a note so that any other panel member who views the candidate profile will be able to understand why you choose to hit snooze on this candidate

You can view a list of snoozing candidate profiles by choosing the 'Snoozed' view instead of the default 'Active candidates' view in a job posting.