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Candidates can apply directly to job postings through the career site, the job embeds, and the Facebook app tab. But there are also several other ways to add candidates for consideration. 

In this article, we will see how to add candidates by importing them using a CSV file. 

  • To add candidate using CSV files, go to the job you want to add them to through recruit. If the job is not present, please create the job posting

  • Here you will find, “Add a Candidate” option. Click on the arrow next to it to get more options. 

  • Here, click "Import Candidates from CSV”. 

  • Select your CSV file that you are going to upload.


  • You would see the option to download a CSV template (Minimalist/full version). Freshteam candidate import needs to be based on this template. Download the template file and populate the columns.

  • If you want to import a CSV file and attach the resumes/portfolios/cover letters of the candidates whose details are in the CSV, you import it as a ZIP file. This is available in the "Full version" template of import. Just make sure the file names are the same as mentioned in column "Resume name" in full version import template, against each candidate's row.

  • The CSV file should be in UTF-8 format

  • The CSV file and the ZIP file should not be larger than 50 MB.

Note: You can only use a Zip file within which there is a folder with all the documents, you cannot directly Zip multiple documents and add them.

  • The mandatory fields in the CSV file are first name, last name, email, source and source category

  • If the candidate already exists in the system, only the missing values will get updated.

  • Click Import to import the candidates and add them to the job. 

Note: Refer a sample file by downloading it if you wish before getting started.