Candidates can apply directly to job postings through the career site, job embeds, and the Facebook app tab. But there are also several other ways to add candidates for consideration. You can

  • Add a candidate directly. This is possible only if you are a recruiter, a hiring manager, an admin or account admin.
  • Add a candidate from the talent pool. This is possible only if you are a recruiter, a hiring manager, an admin or account admin.
  • Add a candidate from an email. If a candidate writes to, their application will be available in the 'Email applicants' tab. Alternatively, the senders of any emails sent to the job-specific email will be added automatically to the job posting. You can also refer a candidate through email.
  • Bulk import of candidates. In case you have a database of candidate resumes you can upload them to the job posting in batches of 25. This is possible only if you are the recruiter, admin or account admin.
  • Refer a candidate to a job posting through the employee portal.
  • Apply for a job posting yourself.

Adding candidates directly

Account admins, admins, hiring managers and recruiters can add a candidate manually to a job posting.

  • Go to the specific job posting and click on the "Add candidate" button to the right top of the screen.
  • A pop up screen with fields drawn from the application form associated with the job posting will appear. Just fill in all the mandatory fields and hit save. Once you do, the candidate will receive a notification that they've been added to a job posting.

Talent pool addition

The talent pool is where your archived candidate database resides. This could include not-right-now candidates, right-candidate-wrong-job profiles and so on.

When you click on the 'From Talent Pool' option in the 'Add Candidates' dropdown, Freshteam pulls up a list of candidates, who have been tagged with the same job role, in the talent pool.  

When you move a candidate to an open job, you have the option of notifying them.

Adding a candidate through email

Candidates who apply via email will be listed under the "Email Applicants." (a.k.a Email Applicants) tab under the Recruit > Candidates section. Recruiters can map an email applicant to the respective job posting or choose to archive these applicants to Talent Pool. When you map an applicant to a job posting, you can also choose to notify them.

Adding candidates in bulk

If there is a database of candidate resume available with you, you have the option to upload these resumes in batches of 25 into Freshteam. The resume data will automatically get parsed and the candidate will be created in the system. While you upload them, you have the option to associate a Source and Source Category to the candidate, this would help in efficient tracking.