Freshteam helps you to categorize a candidate based on the source and the medium through which a candidate applied for a job. The source is where an applicant applied to a job posting and medium is how they applied. For instance, if one of your employees posts a job posting on Twitter and an applicant applies, their source would be Twitter and the medium, referral-social.

Default sources in Freshteam:

  • Facebook - Applied through a link which was shared on Facebook by an employee.
  • Google plus - Applied through a link which was shared on Google Plus by an employee.
  • LinkedIn - Applied through a link which was shared on LinkedIn by an employee.
  • Twitter - Applied through a link which was shared on Twitter by an employee.
  • FB page tab - Applied through the Freshteam app on their Facebook brand page.
  • Internal - Referred by an employee internally either through employee portal or email.
  • Direct - Applied directly from the career site (typically from any other source) or sent an email regarding a job posting to the configured email address.

You can check a candidate's source on their profile page. A recruiter can also filter candidate profiles by source.

Default mediums in Freshteam:

Along with the source, Freshteam also stores how a profile arrived in your system, through medium. Here are the available options:

  • Email - Application was sent by an employee or candidate via email.
  • Portal - Application was through the career site or a job embed.
  • Social - Application was received from a social platform for a job posting which was shared in company handle e.g. Facebook.
  • Referral - Application submitted by an employee.
  • Referral-social  - Referred by an employee through their social influence.


If a candidate is a referral, you can find the referrer's details in this section. This is just an additional information for the recruiter to have a better idea about the candidate. (Know more about referring a candidate)

Where do I look for Source, Medium and Reference information?

  • Go to a candidate's Candidate 360 page > profile tab